Two of my Original Songs on KPOO Radio 89.5-FM

KPOO Radio 89.5 FM

YEAH! Two of my original songs from my soon-to-be-released album Liars, Cutthroats and Dames will be played on major San Francisco radio station 89.5 KPOO-FM Thursday March 24, from 1:00-2:00pm 89.5-FM

DATE: 03/24/16 TIME: 1:00pm-2:00pm WHERE: 89.5 KPOO-FM LISTEN AT: You can also Tune in ANYWHERE on phone/desktop w/ the KPOO app which you can find at

I am excited to support the making of Adriana Marchione's latest documentary film entitled The Creative High, a film about artists of all kinds submerged in and emerging from the addiction process. She will be interviewed on KPOO about what's happening in her current process of creating this documentary, and she's generously included playing two of my songs as part of the show: Half of You Good and Joytown, both off my upcoming CD Liars, Cutthroats and Dames! My fab partner Joseph Feusi is the film's Producer. Thanks Adriana! Learn more about her film at