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Thank you for stopping by. I have some very exciting things going on here on my site. Here you will find, first of all, me!—and what I’m up to and want to share with you. A quick snapshot:

My most recent CD is titled The Storm in Our Head and you can listen, and if you like, purchase the entire CD or individual tracks by going to the Listen page.

Kathleen Dunbar and The Better Devils is the name of my official touring band!

The House Concert
Speaking of gigs, I have also embarked on an alternative venue dynamic known as The House Concert. A house concert is where my band and I perform in your living room (or whatever room you have!) to an intimate audience of your friends and family. The house concert provides one of the most immediate experiences of live music. It places the musicians and the audience together in a venue that provides the maximum musical experience for both performers and audience: all of the subtle nuances, the excitement of having a band up close, everything in this environment is designed to enhance the experience.

The instantaneous feedback of the audience inspires the musicians to give their very best, most spontaneous and alive performance. The audience and performers are not separate, but a larger whole. They are connected. It’s not about I or you, it’s about Us—We create this experience together.

My band and I can conjure two forms of magic for you depending upon your mood, environment, and delight. I offer:

The First Flavor is An Intimate Acoustic Showcase that includes either a duo or a trio. The duo includes me and a guitarist who can be either on acoustic or jazz electric guitar. The trio includes a bassist.  

The Second Flavor is Rockin' Electrified Blues
that can also be tailored for an intimate gathering, such as a living room, or to fill an entire pavilion with guitar and bass, with an option of drums. For a rockin gig at your house, the volume levels are about the same as if you are playing your stereo for a party.

I would love to do a house concert in your living room! Please contact me to set up an unforgettable experience in your house by going to my Booking page and dropping me a line.

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